Experience Working with Gateway Construction: PCVA Law Office Tenant Improvement

PCVA’s new law office design was complete in winter and construction was set to begin just as COVID-19 shut everything down. We sat there in those early dark days thinking to ourselves that we should pull the plug on the entire project. But the confidence we had from our initial meetings with the Gateway folks kept us in there. As soon as the governor’s regulations allowed, we gave the green light and off they went, and they crushed it. Zac and his team carefully followed all the virus safety protocols without it impacting progress.

With our own work at a standstill, we got a chance to follow the construction project and Gateway made it easy for us to enjoy. Zac invited us in every time we wanted to stop by, and every time we did, we were blown away by how quickly and how well our office came together from a hollowed out floor to a sophisticated, high tech legal office.

Gateway’s work enabled us to move in quickly and seamlessly re-engage in the new business virtual world. We had been dreading the prospects of delays, cost-overruns, endless excuses that usually come with a construction project. Instead, Gateway handed us the keys to a stress-free super-product of an office space that has made us the talk of the local legal community. From start to finish, Gateway was absolutely seamless. Our enduring gratitude goes to Gateway. Thank you.

Darrel Cochran, Partner, PCVA Law