Penny Arcade

Industrial / Warehouse, Office | Redmond, WA

Penny Arcade looked to Gateway Construction to develop their scope of work and budget tenant improvement costs at multiple locations throughout the Eastside.

They ultimately signed a lease for a building that met their warehouse and office requirements based off Gateway project team input. Gateway completed the 16-week, 16,500 square-foot office build-out (which also included hydraulic elevator installation and building core upgrades), and 33,000 square-foot warehouse renovation ahead of the proposed schedule.

The office portion of the project consisted of existing space demolition on the mezzanine-level floor and abatement of floor mastic.The main floor is now home to new offices, private meeting areas, work rooms, break rooms, restrooms, custom casework and cabinetry, multiple floor finishes, and two large conference rooms. New MEP was also part of the build as part of the open ceiling design. Exposed HVAC and ducting throughout the office, and new suspended fluorescent light fixtures were implemented. The mezzanine level houses new private offices, conference rooms, a new server room, meeting areas, formal meeting areas, a gaming center, and new unisex shower and restrooms. A portion of the mezzanine is open to the main floor below and stadium seating looks down on it and the entry.

Other upgrades to the space were the installation of a new hydraulic elevator system and rated-elevator shaft at the mezzanine level, a new common area stair system, private stairs, and minimal exterior upgrades.


Client Penny Arcade
Architect PKJB Architects
Type Industrial / Warehouse, Office
Size 14,705 SF office
18,477 SF warehouse
Location 9660 153rd Ave NE
Redmond, WA
Year 2013

The warehouse renovation included demolition of warehouse walls to open up the space and light fixture installation and relocations for the new racking plan. A new gym was constructed inside the warehouse with new water fountains, backing to support equipment, and exterior windows and ventilation. New warehouse offices were also constructed off the office core. Upgrades to the slab and structure were necessary to accommodate the tenant’s new racking and warehouse design. Upgrades were also made to existing roll-up doors, handling equipment, and fire sprinklers.

The project changed the occupancy code to the building and increased the building value in recent appraisal reports. The Penny Arcade tenant improvements were completed under the 16-week schedule that was originally proposed.

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