Office | Seattle, WA

Gateway eagerly took on the challenge of building a very special custom design in a technologically advanced environment that houses more than 50 employees.

Many of the design elements and constructability details had never been done before in a tenant improvement project.

As you approach the entrance to Axon’s new Seattle office, it feels like you’re walking into a spaceship meant for a Star Wars movie — and that’s exactly the feeling the company was going for. Gateway custom built the entry door system in order to create the blast door “portal” entry. The conference rooms are named after famous technologists and innovators, as well as futuristic pods for employees to do work in. Private One on One seating pods were created with curved walls. The breakroom island uses curved Corian and LED lighting to recreate the console from the Enterprise.

Gateway worked with Taser Security on the access system utilizing iris scanners and a digital receptionist. The design team and Gateway worked together in developing a viable growth plan for the anticipated 50 new employees expected to join the company in the next 12-18 months.

Client Taser
Architect Weaver
Type Office
Size6 9,102 SF
Location Seattle, WA
Year 2015

You may have noticed the slightly dramatic portal. We want our employees everyday to think that’s a portal to the future — one we are creating here.

Rick Smith, Taser Founder & CEO

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