Blue Nile

After considering several potenti al sites in Downtown Seattle, Blue Nile selected Merrill Place in the heart of Pioneer Square for their new headquarters. Three buildings combined to create a common structure that is loaded with historic charm. The existi ng space was completely gutted down to a vanilla shell to expose the many architectural distinctions of the building, including brick exteriors, solid ti mber beams and columns, and original windows. Gateway brought those historic components back to life, carefully sandblasti ng the exposed ti mbers and brick exteriors. 

With the historic restorati on complete, Gateway started on the infrastructure, which had to be state of the art in order to meet the needs of a top online retailer for the present and the future. Using new and custom components, Gateway created a server room with 30 tons of supplemental cooling with room for another 15 tons. Other infrastructure upgrades included the installati on of a generator to run a 30,000 sq ft facility in case of power loss. In addi tion to the modern infrastructure the common areas were enhanced with the latest in electronics and AV equipment. The end result is a dynamic, modern space that beau fully coexists with the existi ng historic structure.

Blue Nile
mYamaguchi Architects
25,835 SF
Merrill Place