Gateway was selected as one of 3 contractors to interview for the TEAGUE project with the architect and the tenant. Gateway was awarded the project based on our industry knowledge, comprehensive scope summary, and competitive budget estimate. The TEAGUE construction schedule was estimated to be a 15 week project duration and Gateway completed in 13 weeks. 

The project consisted of demolition to the existing space; including walls, flooring, doors, ceiling, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and the existing stair system. And preparations for a new occupancy load. 

The space design included installing a new stair system that would connect the 4th floor to the 5th floor, that was to be located in the center of the space. Other design features included; a reclaimed wood panel reception desk with blackened steel cantilevered on multiple edges, significant ceiling cloud installation, upgrades to electrical to accommodate new offices, server room, and tenant’s machinery. PROJECT AREAs were designed for collaboration & design. A MACHINE SHOP was built and required strict MEP requirements. Upgrades were made to the structure to accommodate the new OPEN OFFICE plan, STAIR SYSTEM, and the occupancy load. 

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Historical Office
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