Washington State University - West

Washington State University—West opened their offices in December of 2012. The space was built-out of an existing 11,249 square feet of office space on the 29th floor. The project was in unison with the 29th floor lobby upgrades to Kennedy Wilson Building’s Standards. 

Key components of the space is the illuminated reception desk, complete new break-room, and private media rooms. 37 private offices were constructed around the building core and perimeter. Accompanied by designated work areas, open office areas, three large conference rooms, and storage areas.

Upgrades to the building’s MEP and security were also part of the WSU—West project, along with video conferencing capabilities, and low voltage upgrades. As well as upgrades to the server area to support the large amount of offices constructed.

Washington State University - West
PKJB Architects
11,249 SF
Seattle, WA