West River Group

West River Group’s new offices on an upper level of downtown Seattle’s exclusive Madison Center showcase some of the private venture-capital firm’s investments while creating a clear statement of the firm’s brand as a collaborative player in the innovation economy. Gateway Construction Services worked with Schnitzer West and SkB Architects to translate the initial vision into reality.
Project Manager Tyler Leland and his team started with a blank slate, building out a boomerang reception desk, private offices, conference rooms, break room and kitchen. They also constructed a wine bar to accommodate bottles from West River Group’s wineries investments, and a Topgolf virtual lounge for driving range practice.

The project is an iceberg: what appears calm on the surface works because of a complex system of technical and utilities networks hidden and integrated into the walls and ceiling. Design elements like the Topgolf lounge required a high level of responsiveness and analytical problem-solving to coordinate sensors and cabling within critical tolerances, while custom elements like the radial-boomerang reception desk and kitchen required artisanal craftsmanship.  The eclectic mix of European-lighting fixtures, exposed concrete and ductwork, and natural and polished finishes come together to create the dynamic environment the client envisioned. 

West River Group
SkB Architects
Office,  Banking
Madison Centre, Seattle WA