Tenant improvement projects

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Archived Projects

ProjectBuildingTypeArchitectSq. ft.Year
ZurichBank of America BldgClass A OfficeInterior Architects98322012
Year Up2607 BuildingClass B Office
Yates, Wood & MacDonaldPontius BuildingClass B OfficeN/A65332008
WSU ConnectionsRainier TowerRetailBurgess Design21822014
WSU901 5th AveClass A OfficeBurgess Design112492012
WSIBTwo Union SquareClass A OfficeWeaver Architects20542012
Wright ManagementCivica BuildingClass A Office, OfficeNone21122005
Wright FamilyRussell Investments CenterClass A OfficeJPC Architects17362014
World Trade Center LobbyWorld Trade Center EastLobby & RestroomsNone2014
Winslow Mall Structural RepairWinslow MallShopping Mall
Windworks7001 SeaviewRetailTully & Associates12002012
Windermere Property Management SouthMeridian South Professional CenterClass C OfficeKeimig & Associates40192009
Wilson Smith Cochran Dickerson901 5th AveClass A OfficeBurgess Design165002012
Wilbur ElisRiverview PlazaClass C OfficeBurgess Design213212009
What Counts, Inc.Olympic BlockClass B OfficeMarvin Stein & Associates58752011
Westlake Tower Seismic UpgradesWestlake TowerClass A OfficeNone2014
Westlake Tower Market ReadyWestlake TowerClass A OfficeNone70002014
Westlake Tower - 25th Floor DemoWestlake TowerVacant Space Upgrade13000
Western Container 2Fife Commerce CenterCraft Architects1057502012
Western ContainerFife Commerce CenterOffice / WarehouseCraft Architects105756
West Willows, VSUWest WillowsVacant Space UpgradeFrehet & Ho Architects367132008
Wells Fargo Window ReplacementStand AloneBank / Financial CenterWells Fargo12002012
Wells Fargo Advisors1201 3rdClass A Office, OfficeBurgess Design229942012
Wells Fargo - TacomaStand AloneBank / Financial CenterWells Fargo13232012
Wells Fargo - SymetraSymmetra BldgBank / Financial CenterBurgess Design19662013
Wells Fargo - SpanawayStand AloneBank / Financial CenterWells Fargo15552012
Wells Fargo - RentonBank / Financial CenterStantec18222012
Wells Fargo - LaceyStand AloneBank / Financial CenterWells Fargo19662012
Wells Fargo - Kent 2Stantec30852012
Wells Fargo - KentStand AloneBank / Financial CenterStantec18992012
Wells Fargo - Gig HarborBank / Financial CenterStantec20202012
Wells Fargo - Civica Conference RoomCivica BuildingClass B OfficeBurgess Design20002012
Wells Fargo - BellevueCivica BuildingBank / Financial CenterBurgess Design21322012
Wells Fargo - American E&SIBM BuildingClass B OfficeAnkron Moisan Architects37752010
Wedbush SecuritiesTwo Union SquareClass A Office928
Wechsler BeckerColumbia CenterOfficeBurgess Design36762014
Watson & McDonnellPuget Sound PlazaClass B OfficeBurgess Design45962011
VSU - 12th Place BuildingTwelfth Place BldgVacant Space Upgrade92082011
VoiceboxPike's Peak PlazaClass B OfficeJPC Architects7146
VIX TechnologyMillenium TowerHistorical OfficeWeaver Architects57002012
Vital Kids MedicineLakeview Medical CenterMedical4120
Virtuoso901 5th AveClass A OfficeBurgess Design60002010
VersiumRedmond Town CenteroOffice, RetailJones Tsukamaki17602013
VerizonColumbia CenterClass A OfficeBurgess Design93382009
Velocity SportsStand AloneFitness / Athletic FacilityMagellan Architects169002003
Van Doren VSUVan Doren BlogVacant Space UpgradeConnell Design Group35000
Valley Freeway Corporate Park, VSUValley Freeway Corporate CenterVacant Space UpgradeConnell Design Group43712009
UW ICA Student ServicesUniversity of WashingtonEducation, OfficeSRG Partnership56352015
UW FisheriesPuget Sound PlazaClass B OfficeBurgess Design72562014
UW ERCUniversity of WashingtonEducationZGF Architects86552011
UW - CPREPontius BuildingClass B Office, EducationBurgess Design50522014
UW - B WingUniversity of WashingtonEducationBuffalo Design Group56002012
University of WashingtonBoat Street LandingClass B OfficeBurgess Design190002011
United Way Snohomish CountyClass C Office1100
United Health Group1633 WestlakeClass A OfficeRSP Architects71932008
TUS # 622 VSUTwo Union SquareVacant Space Upgrade1763
Tune90 Blanchard StOfficeJPC Architects56112015
TSB 7th Floor Restrooms/LobbyTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects1800
TSB 5th Floor Restrooms/LobbyTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects18002011
Trust for Public Land901 5th AveClass A OfficeTully & Associates60342011
Treasure Gifts1800 9th, 1201 3rdRetailShax to Chic38002008
Trac AssociatesRiverview PlazaClass B OfficeBurgess Design19882012
Titan OutdoorMillenium TowerOfficeUnispace41952015
Tile for LessRetail2800
TIAABellevue Pacific CenterClass B OfficeJPC Architects12000
The Little GymAlderwood West CenterRetailNone38702009
The Learning GardenEducationNone11602005
TerisSafeco PlazaClass A OfficeBurgess Design28632012
Technical WaterproofingFindlay PlaceOffice / WarehouseJPC Architects15452009
TeagueHarold Poll BuildingClass A OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects180752013
TarragonTwo Union SquareClass A OfficeWeaver Architects79212011
Taco Del MarStand AloneRestaurantAnkron Moisan Architects11062006
SwypePolson BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects155762010
SwiftsurePuget Sound PlazaClass B Office2639
Surf999 ThirdClass A OfficeWeaver Architects185162014
Suite B103 VSUHarbor MarinaVacant Space Upgrade8001
Suite 920 VSUDexter Horton BldgVacant Space Upgrade2000
Suite 790 VSUDexter Horton BldgVacant Space Upgrade2100
Suite 710 VSUTerminal Sales BuildingVacant Space UpgradeJPC Architects2000
Suite 610 VSUTerminal Sales BuildingVacant Space UpgradeJPC Architects4300
StripesRussell Investments CenterClass A Office
StratosWorld Trade Center EastClass A OfficeDesigns By Michelle156622014
Starbucks Westgage #311Retail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien11122014
Starbucks TulalipRetail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien2015
Starbucks Puyallup #353Retail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien14002014
Starbucks Puyallup #3288Retail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien16252014
Starbucks ParklandRetail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien18562014
Starbucks KenmoreStand AloneRetail, RestaurantCushing Terrell28312015
Starbucks CovingtonStand AloneRetail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien32162015
Starbucks AlderwoodAlderwood MallRetail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien9802015
Starbucks - TacomaRetailKDW Salas O'Brien15002013
Starbucks - Mercer IslandRetail, RestaurantKDW Salas O'Brien10992015
Starbucks - DupontStand AloneHospitality, Restaurant, RetailKDW Salas O'Brien15272014
Starbucks - 2200 WestlakeRetailAER Architects18992006
Stan TechTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects52002011
Square OneNW LandingOffice / WarehouseSynthesis PC137502009
Space CurveDexter Horton BldgClass A Office2600
Smith & Stark 2Andover Park WestWeaver Architects301122008
Smith & StarkArchived ProjectsClass C OfficeJPC Architects15272009
Smashing IdeasWorld Trade Center EastClass A Office, OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects, LMN Architects130002014
SmarTek 21Kingsgate PlaceClass C OfficeJPC Architects6891
SLMThe Logan BuildingClass B OfficeBurgess Design24002009
SkytapDexter Horton BldgHistorical OfficeKnowles Architecture & Interior Design84852012
Sizewise RentalsWest Valley Business CenterOffice / WarehouseN/A170002009
Simply MeasuredWorld Trade Center EastClass A Office, OfficeWeaver Architects152502013
Silver SuperstoreSpringbrook IClass B Office987
Service Paper - WarehouseRenton Distribution CenterOffice / Warehouse26000
Select StaffingRiverview PlazaClass C Office
Security PropertiesColumbia CenterClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects207562014
Seaway OfficeSeaway Business CenterClass C Office
Seattle Yacht Club UpgradesStand AloneHospitality, OfficeDecker & Associates73112013
Seattle Spine InstituteProvidence Professional BldgMedicalPB Architects28762010
Seattle City Light Training Room901 5th AveClass A Office1000
Seattle Chamber of CommerceRainier TowerClass B OfficePerkins + Will150002012
Sea Alaska 2Sunset Corporate CampusClass B OfficeN/A56312012
Sea Alaska 1Sunset Corporate CampusClass B Office5631
Schneider KubotaRiverview PlazaClass B Office1689
SarkowskyRussell Investments CenterClass A OfficeJPC Architects20172014
SansacoOffice / Warehouse
San MarStand AloneOffice, Office / WarehouseConnell Design Group2005
Russian ConsulateOne Union SquareClass A OfficeBurgess Design58932012
RTC ConcreteRedmond Town CenterShopping Mall
RTC - Parcel Paint RepairsRedmond Town CenterShopping Mall
RTC - Parcel 8 WallRedmond Town CenterShopping Mall
RTC - Overlake RepairsRedmond Town CenterShopping Mall
RTC - Leasing OfficeRedmond Town CenterOfficeJones Tsukamaki20192014
RTC - LampostRedmond Town CenterShopping Mall
RTC - Canopy RepairsRedmond Town CenterShopping Mall
RPI Kitchen & RR RenovationClass C Office
RMB VividTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects2356
Riverview, Suite 304Riverview PlazaClass C Office
Riverview VSURiverview PlazaVacant Space UpgradeN/A92802012
Riverview Spec VacanciesRiverview PlazaClass B Office11653
Riverview Restroom RemodelsRiverview PlazaLobby & RestroomsConnell Design Group120002008
Riverview 3, Suite 108Riverview PlazaVacant Space Upgrade
Riverview 3, Suite 105Riverview PlazaClass C Office1577
Riverview 3, Suite 104Riverview PlazaVacant Space UpgradeNone60462011
Riverview 2, Suite 310Riverview PlazaVacant Space Upgrade
Riddell WilliamsSafeco PlazaClass A Office, OfficeAlbee Romein Architects89002013
Richard FisherTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects800
Retina & Macula SpecialistEarlington Business CenterMedicalBurgess Design41882010
Restaurants UnlimitedMerrill PlaceHistorical OfficeGensler112002011
Renton ClinicStand AloneMedicalNone23112013
Rent CollectEarlington Business CenterClass A OfficeBurgess Design35002012
Remote Control HobbiesArchived ProjectsRetailFrehet & Ho Architects21492010
Remax (Van Winkle)Symmetra Financial CenterClass B OfficeJPC Architects3361
Regence Tacoma - 4th FloorNBBJ64002011
Regence 21800 9thClass B OfficeNBBJ70002012
Regence1800 9thClass B OfficeNBBJ850002012
Reed McClureFinancial CenterClass A Office89422012
Red Fin - Red Fin DemoMarket Place TowerClass A Office
Red FinMarket Place TowerClass A OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects, LMN Architects159872012
Recovery Options NorthwestNorthgate Medical Dental PlazaClass B Office17362009
Rainier Tower Suite 1350Rainier TowerVacant Space Upgrade
Rainier Tower Lobby & Restroom UpgradesRainier TowerLobby & RestroomsCallison70002005
Rainier IndustriesSea West BuildingOffice / WarehouseConnell Design Group264902008
Quinn & AssociatesRedmond Town CenterClass B Office
Pyramid CommunicationsTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects140462011
Puget Sound Plaza Lobby & BathroomsPuget Sound PlazaLobby & RestroomsBurgess Design72252009
ProtingentNewport TowerClass B OfficeMagellan Architects150002014
Prospect Education TILynnwood Corporate CenterMedicalConnell Design Group176772012
Proctor ShimizuNorthup West Office ParkClass B OfficeConnell Design Group8986
Port Blakely TIIssaquah HighlandsClass B Office2083
Porch2200 FirstOfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects201752015
Pop Cap Games 24th & BatteryClass B OfficeSKB Architects153652011
Pop Cap Games 14th & BatteryClass B OfficeJPC Architects153652008
POPSkinner BuildingHistorical OfficeSKB Architects159882009
PND EngineeringStadium OfficeClass B OfficeWeaver Architects9062
PIMA MedicalNorthgate PlazaClass B Office1995
Pet Stops HereMain Street Stand AloneRetailChesmore/Buck Architecture47172009
PeoplesFirmBlanchard PlazaClass A Office3500
Penny ArcadeWillows Industrial CenterClass B Office, Office / WarehousePKJB Architectural Group163052013
Peick Law GroupDelphi BldgClass A Office1355
PCL/Port BlakelyIssaquah HighlandsClass B Office8213
Path BuildingPath BuildingVacant Space UpgradeWeaver Architects120002011
Parkway Square VSUParkway SquareVacant Space UpgradeFrehet & Ho Architects92122010
PanasonicEarlington Business CenterOffice / WarehouseSABArchitects124802012
Pain Management OptionsTwelfth Place BldgMedicalJPC Architects69782010
Pain ClinicEarlington Business CenterMedicalBurgess Design22122009
Pacific InvestmentsFinancial CenterClass B OfficeJPC Architects3890
Owner's OfficeTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects566
ORS Impact 2Metropolitan Park EastJPC Architects91022015
ORS ImpactMet Park EastOfficeJPC Architects67942014
Opus Bank 6th FloorBellevue Pacific CenterBank / Financial CenterCraft Architects18002013
Opus BankBellevue Pacific CenterBank / Financial CenterCraft Architects29762013
Optimum EnergyThe Tobin BldgHistorical OfficeJPC Architects83142010
OptifyMillenium TowerClass A Office1000
OppenheimmerMillenium TowerClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects30002009
One EnergyOlympic BlockClass A OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects2818
One Convention Place VSU - Suite 1100One Convention PlaceOfficeNone93982013
Olympic CoastThe Norton BuildingClass B OfficeN/A45002008
Old Republic TitleBlanchard PlazaClass A Office2012
Ogden Murphy Wallace901 5th AveClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects231802012
OBC Suite 1980One Bellevue CenterClass B Office
OBC Fl 19 CorridorOne Bellevue CenterClass B Office
OB Mechanical Room 2nd FloorOlympic BlockHistorical Office
O'Brien VSUO'Brien Business ParkOffice / WarehouseMarvin Stein & Associates26033
NWCP Vacant Space Upgrade & BathroomNorthwest Corporate Park - KentVacant Space UpgradeCraft Architects21002010
NW Pain ConsultantsNorthup West Office ParkMedicalOfficewraps, Inc.11282008
NW HydraulicsRiverview PlazaClass B OfficeBurgess Design70902012
Norton Lobby UpgradesThe Norton BuildingLobby & RestroomsN/A80002009
Northview Community ChurchStand AlonePlace of WorshipJ. Patrick Mitchell - AIA/Associates200002008
Northgate Plaza Suite 507Northgate PlazaVacant Space UpgradeBurgess Design1899
Northgate Plaza Suite 206Northgate PlazaVacant Space UpgradeBurgess Design1644
Northgate Plaza Suite 203Northgate PlazaVacant Space UpgradeBurgess Design1111
Northgate PlazaNorthgate PlazaVacant Space UpgradeBurgess Design7000
Northern ProductsTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects1133
North Park Suite 103North Park Business CenterClass C Office8611
Noble House Hotels & ResortsTGP BldgClass C OfficeN/A80002009
NNR Air CargoValley Freeway Corporate CenterOffice / WarehouseCraft Architects177882011
Newport Tower 6th FloorNewport TowerClass B Office
Newport SignsNewport TowerClass B Office
NCRDC Russell HallUniversity of WashingtonClass A Office
NCRDCRussell HallClass B OfficeBurgess Design12002012
Navy RecruitersRussell Investments CenterClass B OfficeBurgess Design18502012
NAI Puget SoundBellevue Corporate PlazaOfficeMarvin Stein & Associates58962013
MOZOlympic TowerHistorical OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects96002013
Montessori Children's HospitalOlympic VillageEducationMagellan Architects76992012
Molly RocketsWestlake TowerOfficeNone21892014
Millennium Tower Bike RoomMillenium TowerClass A OfficeNone2502012
Millenium Tower ADA LiftMillenium TowerClass A Office
Millenium PlantersMillenium TowerClass A Office
Millenium 3rd & 5th FloorMillenium TowerClass A Office
MicrostandardStand AloneOffice / WarehouseMagellan Architects149002006
Michael AlexanderOne Convention PlaceClass A OfficeBurgess Design49292009
MetLifeRiverview PlazaClass C OfficeBurgess Design20852011
Metal Stairwell DoorOlympic BlockClass A Office
Medical Consultants NetworkRainier TowerClass B OfficeSKB Architects71312011
MDK LawSymmetra BldgClass A Office32002012
MCA WW 2Metropolitan Park EastOfficeJPC Architects51462015
MCA WWMet Park EastOfficeJPC Architects49472014
Mattress DepotThe Covington CenterRetailFrehet & Ho Architects21862008
Mars Hill AcademyEducation, Place of WorshipNone33742006
MapsRiverview PlazaClass C Office
Madrona SolutionsMillenium TowerClass A OfficeSKB Architects5133
Madison Street Concrete RepairsBank of America BldgClass A Office2400
Luvera LawColumbia CenterClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects53422010
ProjectBuildingTypeArchitectSq. ft.Year
Lumber ProductsHill Industrial ParkOffice / WarehouseConnell Design Group68162011
Louis VuittonBravernRetail800
Lotus HealthRiverview PlazaMedicalBurgess Design10252011
LipoSonixNorth Creek Business CenterLobby & RestroomsJPC Architects5002009
Life Center NorthwestStevens Professional CenterClass C OfficeConnell Design Group40002009
LBA RealtyOne Union SquareClass A OfficeWeaver Architects20252012
Lake Washington Grill HouseRetail, RestaurantOffice Wraps77512009
KPFFWestlake TowerClass A OfficeWeaver Architects95642014
KnockoutsStand AloneRetailBrian Rumsey58002014
Kingsgate Place VSUKingsgate PlaceVacant Space Upgrade1200
King County ConservationEarlington Business CenterClass C OfficeBurgess Design32002009
Key Bank - University PlaceBank / Financial Center
Key Bank - TacomaBank / Financial Center
Key Bank - PurdyBank / Financial Center
Key Bank - Gig HarborBank / Financial Center
Keesal, Young and LoganPuget Sound PlazaClass B OfficeBurgess Design62472012
K-LineRiverview PlazaClass C OfficeConnell Design Group25722008
Joslin CapitalOne Bellevue CenterClass B Office2880
Jersey Mike'sRedmond Town CenterRetailMacerich14092013
Jensen FeyRedmond Town CenterClass B Office
Jack ConwayIBM BuildingClass B OfficeBurgess Design1450
Issaquah Plaza Suite 100 VSUIssaquah PlazaClass B Office9886
Issaquah FurnitureIssaquah PlazaRetailConnell Design Group56002009
Institute of PathologyHarbor Marina CenterClass B OfficeStock & Associates16502011
Immune Design1616 EastlakeClass A OfficeJPC Architects4000
ImatchMiKen BuildingClass B OfficeJPC Architects5261
IFloorsAndover Park WestOffice / WarehouseWeaver Architects337662010
IDEXX LaboratoriesNorth Campus Business ParkLabIpn Architects46002004
Ida BistroAssisted Living Community, Retail18962007
ICF InternationalDexter Horton BldgHistorical OfficeMagellan Architects110382012
ICC Lobby & CorridorIsland Corporate CenterClass B Office
ICC GymIsland Corporate CenterClass B Office
ICC Conference RoomIsland Corporate CenterClass B Office
ICCPuget Sound PlazaClass B OfficeBurgess Design950
HSV EngineersTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects4000
Homestreet Bank, 11th FloorTwo Union SquareClass A Office, Bank / Financial Center
Homestreet Bank - Seattle CBDBank / Financial CenterEHS Design40662012
Homestead Bank, TUS 19Two Union SquareClass A Office, Bank / Financial Center
Holland ResidentialDexter Horton BldgClass B OfficeWeaver Architects80602012
HNTB - ArchitectsThe Norton BuildingClass B OfficeHNTB46332009
HNTBBellevue Corporate PlazaClass A OfficeEHS Design358762014
HitachiOne Convention PlaceClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects74952010
Hilton BellevueStand AloneHospitalityIA Architects583472013
Hendrick BerkadiaOne Union SquareOfficeWeaver Architects31002013
HBO Game of ThronesMet Park EastOffice, Class A OfficeBurgess Design63242014
Gustafson Guthrie NicholTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeJPC Architects78162012
GroundspeakEvanston BldgClass B OfficeJPC Architects135962009
GristDexter Horton BldgHistorical OfficeWeaver Architects72502012
Griffith Flooring EnclosureVan Doren's LandingOffice / WarehouseConnell Design Group301422012
Griffin Underwriting ServicesEverwood Office ParkClass B OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects114622012
Greythorn40 Lake BellevueClass B OfficeMarvin Stein & Associates3300
Gravity PaymentsPath BuildingClass B OfficeWeaver Architects13066
Golden PheasantPark 234Office / WarehouseLance Mueller & Associates90002011
Global Recruiters NetworkIssaquah HighlandsClass B OfficeMarvin Stein & Associates13702009
Global PartnershipsTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeBurgess Design57972010
Gerber CollisionInterbay BldgOffice / WarehouseTG/Architect188502011
Gene JuarezRainier TowerRetail, Shopping MallBurgess Design100882014
Gen X ClothingStand AloneRetailMagellan Architects140002003
Fuego 2Southcenter MallRetail, Shopping MallSmith Company12562014
FuegoAlderwood MallRetailNone18002012
FSG901 5th AveClass A OfficeBurgess Design58002012
Fronterra901 5th AveClass A OfficeSKB Architects96732012
FreestoneColumbia CenterClass A OfficeTully & Associates230002014
Fortune InvestmentsWest Valley Business CenterOffice / WarehouseLance Mueller & Associates300212009
Forsberg & Umlauf901 5th AveClass A OfficeJPC Architects145372009
Foot ZoneRedmond Town CenterRetailMarvin Stein & Associates18002007
FlukeStand AloneOffice / WarehouseMagellan Architects2016
Flinn & FergusonTwo Union SquareClass A OfficeSKB Architects4596
FitchSeattle TowerClass B OfficeFitch81262009
FCC - Building DAndover Park WestOffice / WarehouseWeaver Architects165592008
Fatigue TechnologyStand AloneOfficeNone327742006
Farmers MarketRedmond Town CenterShopping Mall, Retail
FAAClass B OfficeGensler28082012
Eye SiteRekhi BldgClass C OfficeJo Rekhi P.E.15002009
EVRIPolson BuildingClass B OfficeJPC Architects58092010
EvolveFitness / Athletic FacilityNone26892006
Evergreen Sports PerformanceNorth Creek Business CenterMedical, Fitness / Athletic Facility60002011
Escala Unit 1011Stand AloneOffice / Warehouse3100
Epiphany SchoolStand AloneEducationLMN Architects2800
Enterprise Rent-A-CarRedmond Town CenterRetailJones Tsukamaki12822013
ENSORiverview PlazaClass B Office1800
Engineering Research CenterRussell HallClass B OfficeZGF Architects54002012
Elmer J Nordstrom BldgElmer J Nordstrom Medical TowerMedical24002012
ElconClass B Office, Office / Warehouse18332013
EgisPacific Georgetown CenterClass C OfficeAlbee Romein Architects22282009
EBTCSIBM BuildingClass B OfficeBurgess Design1000
EBT Centers of SeattleIBM BuildingClass B OfficeBurgess Design59832011
Eastside DentalRedmond Town CenterClass B Office
Earlinton LobbyEarlington Business CenterLobby & RestroomsBurgess Design25332008
Earlington Business Park VSUEarlington Business CenterVacant Space UpgradeBurgess Design22122009
DSV, IncRiverview PlazaClass B OfficeConnell Design Group22582009
DR HortonKingsgate PlaceOfficeMarvin Stein & Associates155702013
Double Tree SeaTacStand AloneHospitalityIA Architects30492013
Double Tree Sea PortsHiltonHospitalityLundin Cole Architects60002011
DocuSign 2Russell Investments CenterJPC Architects27172014
DocuSignRussell Investments CenterClass A OfficeJPC Architects2014
Documents Technologies1201 3rdOfficeBilimoria Eggert180002015
DNA Brand Mechanics 2Rainier TowerClass B OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects140002009
DNA Brand MechanicsRainier TowerClass B OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects39112010
Dixon & CannonTwo Union SquareClass A OfficeWeaver Architects14752012
Diamond ResortsClass C Office1565
Dexter Horton VSUDexter Horton BldgVacant Space UpgradeN/A41302012
DESCHistorical Office
DegonkolbOne Union SquareClass A OfficeTully & Associates41912012
DCTO'Brien Business ParkOffice / WarehouseConnell Design Group594332011
DatapipePlaza 600OfficeBurgess Design17002015
Dassault SystemsWestlake Union CenterClass A OfficeMarvin Stein & Associates86792011
Darwin's Pet FoodsStand AloneOffice / Warehouse, Industrial WarehouseMagellan Architects330622013
CVS PharmacyCabrini First Hill PlaceRetail6200
CSM PacificTwo Union SquareClass A OfficeWeaver Architects38252012
CroninLynnwood Industrial ProjectOffice / WarehousePKJB Architectural Group130002009
CRAY the Supercomputer Company901 5th AveClass A OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects520002009
Cray 4th Floor901 5th AveClass A OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects3812
CortivaPontius BuildingClass B OfficeMarvin Stein & Associates144802010
Cornerstone MortgageOne Union SquareClass A OfficeWeaver Architects4190
CornerstoneOne Bellevue CenterClass A OfficeJPC Architects3000
Corena40 Lake BellevueClass B Office
Core MedicalConnell Design Group48122007
CoppeiIsland Corporate CenterClass B Office763
Composite SolutionsDCT, Stand AloneOffice / Warehouse, Industrial WarehouseHutteball & Oremus1048502014
Columbia Center VSU'sColumbia CenterClass A Office, OfficeBurgess Design337602014
Columbia Center 5th Floor Common CorridorColumbia CenterClass A OfficeBurgess Design21652010
Colliers InternationalTwo Union SquareClass A OfficeWille Interior Design and Consulting37352011
ColliersTwo Union SquareClass A OfficeClark Design190452011
Coffman EngineersWestlake TowerOfficeBuffalo Design18692014
Coalfire1633 WestlakeClass A OfficeJPC Architects76002011
Clark Kjos ArchitectsDexter Horton BldgHistorical OfficeClark Kjos26262009
Center for BirthEastlake TowersMedicalSalvatore Associates50002011
CBS RadioDexter Horton BldgClass B OfficeAinsley Architects279102009
CastanesTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeCatanes Architects49782011
Cascade Mortgage500 AlohaClass C OfficeWeaver Architects9502008
Carbon DesignWesley SquareClass A OfficeSKB Architects111482011
Canterbury ConsultingIBM BuildingClass B OfficeWeaver Architects21002010
Canopy Repairs-RTCRedmond Town CenterRetail
CameoworksFinancial CenterClass A OfficeBurgess Design1791
California ClosetsValley Freeway Corporate CenterOffice / WarehouseN/A256542010
Cafe 5901 5th AveRetail, RestaurantBurgess Design12002014
Burke Bldg. 1st Floor VSUBurke BuildingVacant Space Upgrade12033
BuckwildTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeN/A32362011
Broadview BistroIda Culver HouseAssisted Living CommunityThe Maier Partnership33812008
Broadmark CapitalOne Union SquareOfficeWeaver Architects41222015
Bright HorizonsEducationIn House40122008
Bridle Trails Fitness CenterBridle Trails Fitness CenterFitness / Athletic FacilityMagellan Architects250002011
Bridge MinistriesNorth Park Business CenterClass C OfficeJPC Architects866
Bob Becker ArchitectsRidgewood Corporate SquareClass C OfficeBob Becker Architects12002008
Boats.comWestlake Union CenterWeaver Architects56802011
Blue NileMerrill PlaceHistorical OfficeMarvin Yamaguchi Architects290002011
Bike Locker901 5th AveClass A OfficeNone12002012
Big Fish Lobbies333 ElliottClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects1460
Big Fish Kitchens333 ElliottClass A Office
Big Fish Games333 ElliottClass B OfficeAlbee Romein Architects97702010
Big Fish 3rd Floor333 ElliottClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects4000
Big Fish333 ElliottClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects100002012
Berger AbamRainier TowerClass B OfficeWeaver Architects61802009
Bennett Bigelow & LeedomTwo Union SquareClass A Office11655
Bellevue Bone & JointArchived ProjectsMedicalConnell Design Group9592010
Behr's ProcessingAlgona Distribution CenterOffice / WarehouseConnell Design Group41000
BCJ ArchitectsTerminal Sales BuildingHistorical OfficeBCJ Architects168002011
BattlelleDexter HortonClass B OfficeWeaver Architects440002012
Barclay DeanKent Distribution CenterOffice / WarehouseConnell Design Group115894
Bailey Grant Onsager901 5th AveClass A OfficeWeaver Architects43602012
B of A PlasterBank of America BldgClass A Office
AxaOne Union SquareOfficeWeaver Architects6752013
Avalon BayBellevue Corporate PlazaClass B Office
Armed Forces Recruiting CenterParkway SquareRetailFrehet & Ho Architects92122010
ArcadiaFinancial CenterClass B Office1353
aQuantiveClass A OfficeJPC Architects308202006
Applied FinishesStand AloneManufacturingLance Mueller & Associates176592012
Apex LearningFinancial CenterClass B OfficeJPC Architects193032011
APEX / PMKEarlington Business CenterClass C OfficeBurgess Design39122009
ApexFinancial CenterClass B OfficeJPC Architects130002012
Animal Supply CompanyFife Commerce CenterOffice / WarehouseCraft Architects2012
AMLIPontius BuildingClass B OfficeMarvin Stein & Associates17002012
AMI MetalsAlgona Distribution CenterOffice / WarehouseJPC Architects200002010
AmeripriseIsland Corporate CenterOfficeBurgess Design32002013
AMDOCSWorld Trade Center EastClass B Office, OfficeBurgess Design42002013
Ambaum Drainage RepairAmbaum Shopping VillageRetailLance Mueller Architects15632009
ALTIGRiverview PlazaClass C OfficeConnell Design Group15862010
Alexander Morford & Woo901 5th AveClass A OfficeConnell Design Group122082012
Alderwood Ankle & FoodAlderwood Business CenterMedicalConnell Design Group15602012
AH&T Phase IIOne Union SquareClass A OfficeJPC Architects22002008
AH&TOne Union SquareClass A OfficeJPC Architects22002008
Advanced StaffingBank of America BldgClass A OfficeAlbee Romein Architects41342010
Acquity901 5th AveClass A OfficeBurgess Design36302012
ACLU901 5th AveClass A OfficeMarvin Stein & Associates76852010
ACF WestWoodinville Corporate CenterOffice / WarehouseBurgess Design96002009
901 5th Avenue, VSU901 5th AveVacant Space UpgradeN/A2010
901 5th Avenue - Lobby & Bathroom Upgrades901 5th AveLobby & RestroomsBurgess Design139152008
901 5th Avenue - 4th Floor lobby901 5th AveLobby & RestroomsBurgess Design7802009
901 5th Ave. 6th floor Lobby & Restrooms901 5th AveLobby & RestroomsBurgess Design9342009
7th Floor RestroomsRussell Investments CenterClass A Office, Lobby & Restrooms5002014
645 Elliot645 ElliottClass B Office10112010
4th Dimension ComputersArchived ProjectsRetailHarold Dalke62972008
34th floor warm shell & restrooms901 5th AveClass A Office20002011
29th Floor Shell901 5th AveClass A Office12002011
220 West Harrison Demo220 West HarrisonClass B Office11112013
1616 UW Global Health1616 EastlakeClass B OfficeStock & Associates Architecture551
11th floor RR & shell901 5th AveClass A Office20002012

I really could not have done this without your help and diligence. It is much appreciated.

Kelly Gieser, Varian